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AIER was established in 1933 to conduct factual, unbiased research into the wide range of economic, social, and monetary developments that had contributed to the catastrophic economic contraction of the Great Depression. With many self-proclaimed experts currently promoting their own agendas, the need for such a self-sufficient, objective educational organization is clearly just as paramount today as it was in 1933.

Our independence is our most valuable asset. We do not accept gifts from commercial interests, or the government. We depend, instead, on continued support from individual readers like you, who understand the importance of the independent economic perspective we offer. Support AIER’s mission today with your financial support.

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Summer Fellowship

AIER's Summer Fellowship program introduces accomplished college students, post graduates and graduate students to the Institute’s mission, work, and research principles. 

Harriss Fund

The C. Lowell Harriss Scholarship Fund was created in honor of Professor Harriss, who served as a trustee of AIER for 20 years and had a lifelong passion for education.

AIER's Bastiat Society program provides a space where the average business person can gain an understanding of classical liberal economics, learn what it means to be a principled business leader, and connect with an international network of free market advocates. 

Planned Giving

AIER’s tax-deductible planned giving program offers a lifetime income plan for up to three generations. Imagine having a guaranteed income for you, your children and grandchildren, and supporting the work of AIER in the process. 

Year End Appeal

Our mission is to educate Americans on the value of freedom and liberty, property rights, limited government and sound money in their everyday lives. These core principles evolved from more than 80 years of AIER research.


Membership Dues from our individual members only partially provide for the costs of our research and education.

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